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Avoid the headache of teaching your child to drive. Leave that task to the professionals.

At Road Ready Driving School we will teach your child the fundamentals of safe, courteous driving.
  • Recognizing hazardous driving situations
  • Defensive driving
  • Safe turning
  • Right-of-way rules
  • Road sign identification
  • Highway merging and changing lanes
  • K-turns
  • Use and adjustment of mirrors
  • Proper use of brakes
  • Night and inclement weather driving skills if possible
  • Handling curves
  • Parking on hills
  • Parallel parking
  • Driving in Reverse
  • Safety checks
New Jersey law now requires that we purchase the permit for you. This permit will require a parent's signature. The Division of Motor Vehicles requires that we supply your parent with a parent's handbook published by the state. The handbook details the new GDL law and the proper way to practice driving with a parent after completing your 6 hours of professional behind-the-wheel training.

We then take your child to the DMV to have the permit validated. This validation allows the student to practice driving with us.

Once the permit is validated the student should schedule their lessons.

Upon completion of the driving instruction, we return the permit to the DMV for a validation sticker. This sticker signifies the beginning of a minimum of six months of supervised driving practice. A road test appointment will be scheduled for the end of the 6 month practice period or your child's 17th birthday, whichever is longest. This exam date is written on the permit and then mailed to you.

When the permit arrives in the mail you may begin allowing your teenager to practice drive with supervision. When driving they must be accompanied by a New Jersey licensed driver over the age of 21 with a minimum of 3 years driving experience. They are restricted to driving between the hours of 5 AM and 11 PM.

You will also receive a course completion certificate to show your insurance company. This certificate is part of the requirements to receive a teen driver discount.

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Learning to drive is an important part of everyone's life. Those who learn to drive well, by mastering the basics of driving an automobile will enjoy a lifetime of safe, worry-free travel. Those who never receive the proper driver's training will always be at risk. Why spend a lifetime of tickets, accidents and high insurance premiums when you can gain a firm, working understanding of driving? Call our driving instructors today and learn to drive now!

learn to drive in New Jersey Get your drivers permit today with Road Ready driving school Get your drivers permit today with Road Ready driving school